Top Reasons Why Metal Washers Are Commonly Used With Fasteners

6 September 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Although metal washers do not always have to be used with fasteners, they are very commonly used. You could be wondering why you would bother using metal washers when you don't have to, but there are actually a few reasons for that. For example, these are all reasons why metal washers are commonly used with fasteners of different types, such as bolts and screws.

They're Made for Many Uses

Metal washers are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications. However, there are also residential-grade fasteners that are commonly used, too.

They Come in Many Sizes

Because metal washers are used for so many different purposes, they come in many different sizes. You can typically purchase them in standard or metric sizes. There are tiny washers that can be used on smaller projects, but there are also much larger washers, too. It's best to purchase metal washers of the proper size for your needs if you want them to work properly. Additionally, if you're going to be working with washers a lot, you may want to purchase metal washers in different sizes to keep on hand. Then, you will hopefully always have the ideal metal washer on hand for whatever you're going to be doing.

They Prevent Damage to Surfaces

When you fasten your fastener directly to a material that you're working with, then you have to worry about the surface being damaged. It could become scratched, dented, or deformed.

They Work as a Spacer

In some cases, there will be a space in-between the material that you are attaching a fastener to and the fastener itself. This can be a problem, but there are options that can help. If you use a washer in-between the fastener and the material that you are attaching the fastener to, then you can use the washer as a spacer.

They Provide a Better Seal

Depending on the item that you are using a fastener on, you might be concerned about not having a good seal. For example, you could be concerned about air leaks or liquid leaks. If this is the case, then you could be wondering if there is anything you can do to get a slightly better seal. If you use a washer and make sure that your fastener and washer are tightly attached, then you can help ensure there is a better seal.

As you can see, metal washers are commonly used with fasteners for a few reasons. If you're going to be working with fasteners sometime soon, then you may want to consider using metal industrial washers.