Think Outside The Box: How To Use Heat Shrink FEP Tubes Around The House

23 June 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Heat shrink tubing is not just for professional electrical projects. You can use heat shrink tubing throughout the house. Best of all, heat shrink tubing can be applied using a standard heat gun. If you're not sure how to use heat shrink tubing around the house, read the list provided below. You'll find four reasons to keep a supply of heat shrink FEP tubing on hand in your home. 

Color-Code Your Cables 

If you're tired of sorting through cables that all look the same, it's time for heat shrink tubing. When it comes to electronic devices, most of the cables look exactly the same. That can be a real pain when you're disconnecting cables. That's where heat shrink tubing comes into the picture. With heat shrink tubing, you can color-code all your cables. This is especially beneficial where your computer system is concerned. But, you can also color-code all the cables that are attached to your home entertainment center. 

Prevent Cable Strain

If cable strain is a problem in your home, now's the time to invest in heat shrink tubing. Cable strain can destroy devices such as phone chargers, and your computer mouse. Cable strain occurs when there's too much weight applied to the cable. Or, when the base of the cable is bent. Once cable strain occurs, the only thing you can do is replace the device. Luckily, heat shrink tubing can prevent cable strain. Once the cables are protected with heat shrink tubing, strain won't be an issue. 

Insulate Your Tools

If you use metal-handled tools around the house, you need heat shrink tubing. Metal handles can cause a couple of problems. First, the handles get slippery, which prevents you from getting a good grip. Second, metal handles can give you a big shock if they come in contact with electricity. Heat shrink tubing protects against both of those problems. Heat shrink tubing insulates your metal handles. The tubing also creates slip-proof grips for your metal tools. 

Repair Leaks

Finally, if you've got a few leaky hoses, but can't afford permanent repairs right now, heat shrink tubing can help. Heat shrink tubing can be used to repair minor leaks in hoses and pipes. Once in place, the heat shrink tubing will stop the leaks until you can take care of the repairs. 

Make life easier around the house. Use heat shrink tubing for the projects described above.