How To Choose The Correct Spiral Freezer System For Frozen Food Products

14 January 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Before placing a frozen food product in storage, it needs to be kept at the right frozen temperatures. Spiral freezers can help with this, fortunately. You just need to make sure you choose the right system, and these tips will help you have success with this.

Figure Out Frozen Food Quantities

The size of this spiral freezer will be determined by the available space around your worksite, but also the number of frozen food products you plan on keeping on this system at a time. Make sure you're accurate with this quantity figure so that you don't run out of space and then have to adjust or add onto this freezing system later.

The best way to manage this assessment is to look at purchase orders and then see what quantities you'll be shipping off regularly. Then you can order a spiral freezer system with the appropriate size to support this quantity safely and effectively.

Assess Attributes of Food Products Being Preserved

In addition to assessing the number of frozen food products this spiral freezer needs to support at a time, you also need to account for the frozen food product's characteristics. For instance, you need to review its overall size, weight, and moisture levels.

Then you can bring this information to a spiral freezer manufacturer and have them refine key elements, including the belt system, frozen temperature range, and duration of freezing. When these elements are dialed in, you can trust your frozen food products will remain unharmed when being preserved by this freezing system.

Opt for Easy-to-Access Parts

You'll have to perform cleaning and inspections in order to keep a spiral freezer in optimal condition. You won't struggle with these tasks if you opt for a spiral freezer that has easy-to-access parts. Then you won't ever be restricted when accessing various areas, including the belt, each tier, fasteners, and general surfaces.

In terms of inspections, you want to be able to walk around parts entirely to get an accurate idea of their condition. Parts that are easy to access will help with these thorough inspections and let you respond to issues more quickly as a result.

If you're fitting a spiral freezer into your work site to help produce frozen food products, make sure you get the right systems, materials, and designs from the beginning. Then you won't regret how this system freezes or how you have to take care of it over the years. 

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