About Renting Construction Equipment

25 November 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Starting out in the construction industry as a business owner can be challenging when you don't have enough money to purchase important pieces of equipment. Working on construction sites often involves multiple types of equipment being used, especially when constructing buildings. The type of equipment that is commonly used is usually expensive, which can pose a problem for a new business owner who doesn't have enough capital. In such a case, rental construction equipment can be the best solution to the problem and allow a new business owner to get started bringing in profits. If you need more information before taking a step towards renting construction equipment for your business, read the content below.

Keeping Possession of Equipment

If you are worried about rental construction equipment and having to return it before you are done with a project, you shouldn't. Although there are usually time limits in which someone can keep possession of construction equipment, it can vary for each customer. Basically, you will have to pay to keep the equipment for a specific amount of time, and then the equipment must be returned when that time is up. If there is a situation in which you need to keep the equipment longer than you initially paid for, you might be able to keep it longer. However, it might depend on whether or not another customer has already paid to take possession of the equipment.

Types of Rental Construction Equipment

Your construction equipment rental options will be vast depending on where you search for it at. Some rental companies might not have the equipment that other companies have, so you should ask about specific pieces of equipment before visiting a rental company in person. Some of the common types of equipment that you might find available to rent include scissor and boom lifts, cranes, compaction equipment, and various construction vehicles. You can also rent equipment that is designed for cleaning the air while contractors are working on construction projects. Make a list of the types of equipment that you need, and contact a rental company to find out what they have available.

Liability for Damaged Rental Equipment

There might be insurance available when renting that can cover any damage that is done to equipment while it is in your possession. If not, you will be responsible for paying for equipment damage. You can inspect each piece of equipment before taking possession of it, which will allow you to take note of any damage that is already present, if any.