A Look At The Differences Between A CNC Machine Shop And A Regular Machine Shop

11 June 2019
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

You may have worked with a machine shop to get equipment repaired in the past or to have certain parts created for your operation. However, if you are like a lot of industrial business owners, you are not all that familiar with how a regular machine shop and a CNC (computer numerical control) machine shop differ. To make sure you always get the service that you specifically need in the way that is important for your business operation, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the differences. Take a look at some of the ways these two types of machine shops differ to help you out. 

CNC machine shops work with computer-guided equipment. 

Of course, the primary difference between a CNC machine center and a regular machine shop is the fact that the shop will rely on computer-guided equipment to perform work orders. Computer-guided equipment can do things in a far more precise and calculated way. For instance, if you have a tool that needs to be created that offers threads of a certain shape, the inputs can be given to a computer that will use a series of die cutters to create the tool that is needed. If this were to be done by hand, there would be a lot more room for small discrepancies that would make the tool useless for the purpose. 

CNC machine shops tend to employ fewer people. 

Since CNC machine shops rely more on computer-guided equipment, many of them employ fewer professionals than what you would find in a regular machine shop setting. Of course, there will have to be staff on-site to operate the machinery, but the need for extra hands is just not necessary unless the place is large and there are multiple CNC machines in operation within one place. 

CNC machine shops can usually get work done faster for clients. 

One of the biggest perks of working with a CNC machine center service is the fact that they can usually get your work completed much faster than what a regular machine shop logically could. Since machining processes are not done by hand, they do not take all that long to complete in a lot of cases. This rapid turnaround ability makes CNC shops much more feasible for a lot of business owners who need things done so their workflow is not hindered. Likewise, these shops are more equipped to handle bulk machining projects at one time.