Increase Cooling Tower Efficiency With The Right Fill Media

1 June 2019
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Industrial applications that utilize hot water need a way to cool the heated water before it is cycled back through the production process. Cooling towers are designed to help provide a place where the temperature of used water can be reduced.

Since time is of the essence when it comes to running a profitable and efficient industrial facility, the cooling tower needs to operate quickly. The right fill media in the tower will help you reduce cooling times and boost the efficiency of your cooling tower in the future.

Splash Fill

When considering potential fill media materials for your cooling tower, you should consider splash fill. This type of fill consists or horizontal bars or slats that are installed throughout the tower itself. These bars and slats increase the surface area that the heated water must travel over to get to the bottom of the cooling tank.

The increased surface area helps to draw out heat from the water quickly, leaving you with a usable supply of cooled water in your tower at all times. Splash fill is a great choice for operations that work with contaminated water or water with particles that might adhere to the surface of a more vulnerable fill media.

Film Fill

Another type of fill media available for installation in your facility's cooling tower is film fill. This type of fill consists of thin sheets of PVC plastic that has a textured surface.

The textured nature of the PVC requires that the water travel a greater distance in order to reach the bottom of the cooling tower. Increasing travel distance is an effective way to quickly reduce water temperature through heat transfer.

It's best to reserve film fill for cooling towers that process relatively clean water. The thinness of the PVC sheets makes them vulnerable to damage that may be caused by contaminant particles in your water supply.

You do have the option of investing in film fill with a wider flute design, but you will experience maximum efficiency when you limit film fill to cooling towers housing only clean water reserves.

Treating heated water is a vital part of the manufacturing process for many facilities. If you use a cooling tower to help eliminate heat from your water after processing, then you can benefit from the installation of a fill media. Consider splash fill or film fill, depending on the cleanliness of your water supply.