4 Metal Fabrication Materials, Finishes, and Treatments to Protect Against Corrosion and Deterioration

15 May 2019
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If you need metal fabrication for harsh environments that cause problems with corrosion and decay, there are different treatments that can be used to protect materials. For example, sheet metal for exteriors of buildings can have powder coating or galvanized materials. There are also options for alloys and different metals that are more resistant to corrosion problems. The following tips will help give you an understanding of the different options for metal fabrication and finishes that are more resistant to harsh conditions:

1. Specialized Aluminum Fabrication When Durable Lightweight Parts Are Needed

One of the most durable lightweight metals that is resistant to corrosion and decay is aluminum. It is an ideal material to use for projects that require higher production of the same parts. Aluminum is a delicate metal that requires the help of a specialized metal fabricator to do the extrusion and welding of materials as well as ensure that there are not any weak spots after the fabrication has been completed.

2. Stainless Steel and Metal Alloys That Are Designed for Specific Applications

Stainless steel is a material that is commonly used in applications where a clean and durable material is needed. Stainless steel manufacturing can be used for clean metals that require no other treatments or finishes, but it is expensive. Metal alloys are another option for specialized metal fabrication and can be used to fabricate parts that have weight and strength specifications that need to be met.

3. Powder-Coated Finishes to Give Metal Products an Attractive and Durable Finish

Powder-coated finishes are treatments that are baked onto the surface of metal. They are applied in dry mixture and then baked to cure the finish. Powder coating solutions provide a more durable finish for metal parts that is thicker and more resistant to damage than convention liquid paint finish.

4. Galvanized Metal Treatments and Durable Paint Finishes for Metal Materials

The most common and affordable treatments to treat metal after fabrication are galvanization and metal paints. These are common for building materials and components that need to be durable and cost-effective. Galvanized metals will be resistant to corrosion and decay but will eventually need maintenance and replacement. Paint finishes are an affordable treatment and can easily be repaired and repainted when they are damaged.

These are some of the different metal fabrication solutions and finishes to protect metal materials from corrosion and decay in harsh conditions. If you need specialized materials for a project, contact a metal fabrication service and talk to them about some of these solutions to prevent corrosion that shortens the life of parts. Visit a website like http://mmbco.com for more information.