Water Pump Problems & Other Concerns Of Wells

10 May 2019
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Rural living is usually private and very peaceful, as the homes are usually secluded and away from the noise of city living. There is often less crime committed in rural areas as well due to the number of residents being so small. One of the downfalls of having a rural home is that you are often unable to obtain water unless it is via your own private well. If you have a well and have been unable to obtain water from it lately, several things might be the cause of the problem. You must understand that as the owner of the well, you are responsible for keeping the parts in good shape so water can be obtained.

A Bad Water Pump & Getting a New One

When a well pump becomes damaged, you might not receive any water via the plumbing fixtures in your house. If you are able to obtain water, it will likely only drizzle out of the faucets in very small amounts. The well pump is the first thing that you should get inspected by a professional when you are only able to obtain a small amount of water or none at all. There are parts within the pump that might need to be repaired. However, there is a chance that the well pump is damaged beyond repair and simply need to be replaced, which is likely if it is old.

Additional Drilling May Be Necessary

Did you know that it is sometimes necessary for drilling to be done again long after a water well has been installed? The reason why is because the initial aquifers can stop producing enough water for the well to send into your house. Put simply, aquifers are rocks that are full of water. However, the water can experience times in which it is low or leaves altogether. Drilling will allow professional contractors to search for other aquifers so you can continue receiving a sufficient amount of water. 

Your Plumbing System Might Be the Problem

Keep in mind that a lack of water from a well doesn't necessarily mean that there is a problem with the well pump or other important parts. There might actually by something wrong with your plumbing system, such as a clogged up line that needs attention from a plumber. It is wise to get your plumbing system jetted or snaked every now and then to ensure that water and waste is able to flow through it properly.

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