Boiler Problems to Be Watching for

8 May 2019
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

A boiler is an extremely durable and efficient piece of machinery. These qualities have helped to make boilers popular in many industrial and manufacturing settings. Despite their ability to work long hours without breaking down, there are some common problems that you need to be watching for if you want your boiler to continue functioning as safely and efficiently as possible.


One of the problems that can plague boilers is kettling. Kettling occurs most often in areas where hard water is prevalent. The minerals that are in a hard water supply can build up inside the boiler over time. This mineral buildup changes the pressure within the boiler, increasing the likelihood of failure.

You will know when your boiler is plagued by kettling because it will start to produce a loud banging or rumbling sound. A technician should be called in immediately to address the mineral buildup so that kettling doesn't lead to a dangerous pressure change that might cause your boiler to explode.


Any piece of equipment that relies on the circulation of water has the potential to leak. Your boiler is no different. It's important that you are monitoring the boiler for evidence of leaks at all times. The urgency of the repair depends on the location of the leak. If water is dripping from a pressure relief valve or from the pump, you can schedule a maintenance call to have the affected part replaced.

If the leak is coming directly from the boiler's tank, you have a serious problem. The tank is likely corroded all the way through, allowing water to escape. You will need to have a technician come to your facility for immediate repairs to avoid a dangerous buildup of heat within the boiler tank.

No Heat

The primary responsibility of a boiler is to produce heat. When the appliance fails at this task, there are many things that might be to blame. Most heating problems are the result of a pilot light that isn't properly ignited or the engagement of a safety switch.

Some heating problems could require the replacement of a pump or thermostat to resolve. An experienced technician will be able to help you identify the source of your heating problems and make the necessary repairs to restore heat once again.

You can depend on your boiler to function each day, but you must be vigilant in providing repairs when they are needed. These repairs will help your boiler continue to perform at its best over time. Reach out to a company like Schweitzer Roger & Sons for help with boiler repair.